Achieving my goals

I’m driving home this afternoon, listening to the radio the news comes on about the shooting over the weekend in America.

I’m listening to the discussion and am shocked that mental health is mentioned.

I think no way these words are being used in such the wrong context.

Is this why there is still such a stigma with anxiety and depression that they are labeled in such a broad way and to be categorised with such a terrible crime does not sit well with me.

There really needs to be more scrutiny on how these two words are used as this really concerns me.

My new blog has started up which I am super excited!!

I’m really feeling like this could be my way of helping others.

So I’m working 4 days this week which is great, first time doing this in at least two years so my goals are definitely being achieved.

I don’t want to type this incase I jinx myself no migraine now for over a week so this is an added bonus.

Confirming that coming off my nighttime medication and swapped to liquid melatonin has been a good choice.

I have accomplished a run today with Rosie so my head is a lot clearer. Have found this just lately that this can shift my pain at times while running.

I am having my liquid supplements every morning all my Bs and Super Zinc to balance my kryptopyrrole which is essential for my liver to detox properly.

As well as natural proxan to assist naturally with serotonin and my Zoloft so feeling pleased with how I am.

Look I know it’s a lot of things, our health is our main priority. I can’t get sick again my family needs me, so maintaining all of this is just part of my journey now.

I’m also having weekly Chiropractic Appointments with Little Sprouts which is the icing on the cake for me.

If I start getting anxious or overwhelmed I hit it head on and discuss if I have options, this happened yesterday at work. I just felt so much lighter after letting my concerns be listened to.

Life just seems pretty good, never give up on things that matter or don’t sit right.

Things don’t happen on there own, you have to put time and energy into what you want to achieve. I still can’t believe how things just work out, that I’m on this journey for a reason and if sharing this can help so many others to understand the craziness of this mind health what it can do to someone so normal like you and me then bring it on.

We didn’t choose for this, Depression can effect anyone, it really isn’t something that someone has ordered and it’s very clever sneaking in the back of our minds trying to take over the person we really are and the changes can be so subtle that you can’t really tell, it totally is a smart sickness, that’s why if I struggle as an adult to deal with this, how are our children going to know what is going on, I literally thought I was crazy until I learnt about both anxiety and depression the knowledge made me accept this is part of me. I’m not going to let this consume me, I’m really starting to feel like I’m back, still tired which is fine, I can deal with this.

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