Mind Health – Sharing is Caring

Everything happens for a reason, yesterday I realised that I achieved my goals that I had set myself nearly two years ago. Yes, two years ago, so typing these words seem quite surreal, my head space is so much more confident and in control. The hard work, determination now typing this makes me feel deserving of this. I want to scream out to the world that you can come back to being you, it’s not easy, there are a lot of bumps that really test you, I really believe that I appreciate life more then I ever have being on this journey, I’m not ashamed to admit that I live with depression and anxiety, if I hadn’t have got this I wouldn’t of found my passion for writing and sharing this journey with others I truly feel grateful.

I know that my confidence in what I have been through will give others hope, don’t give up use your tools, there are so many great ways of overcoming mind health your definitely not alone, that’s why I started writing as every time I opened up about what I was going through be it friends, family or strangers someone had experienced another person that was going through mind health issues. I say mind health or depression, mental health for me can be so many other issues that at present is labeled so broadly. To me mind Health makes more sense as that is what it is an imbalance of serotonin which controls your mind, which until you have experienced having this mind health can be very scary, I want others to know that as me being an adult it scared the crap out of me. That it slowly could change you without you even knowing taking control of you physically and emotionally literally at one stage everything was an effort, even breathing. I still remember being told just breathe, at the time you just loose all control of what is normal and you just want out. The thing is to get help isn’t easy either, your self worth goes down further and further everything feels like a battle and your just completely exhausted and you feel incompetent as a human being.

I’m sharing these thoughts as I want you to know how hard it is as an adult to go through this, so imagine a young adult, it must be the most scariest thing and no way can they ask for help, that would be too inconveniencing and they don’t want to be a bother either.

If you can see little signs that don’t seem right with any of your loved ones, don’t wait for them to come to you, as they won’t as they really won’t understand themselves what’s going on, intervene take them to a medical professional.

It could be that simple, make sure they are getting good sleep that their devices aren’t draining them of natural melatonin use the yellow screen the blue light sucks natural melatonin from us. Sleep deprivation is one of the first signs of depression.

It’s the little things the simplest of things that can make a big difference.

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