I’m in a place where I’m struggling …

I’m in a place where I’m struggling to not feel sorry for myself, it’s the self worth why me crap I’m just coming out of a lovely migraine that I failed to hit this at the time and it’s been hanging on all day and like every time I say to myself this won’t get that bad until I’m beyond functioning and sleep actually makes it worse.

Then I go through the mind issues of what has caused this, what have I done to deserve this and I start to go through what have I done differently then last time, not enough water too much chocolate, gluten outbreak the list goes on.

Everything was an effort today, just doing normal jobs like having to grocery shop and communicate was a struggle and I had to basically just push through.

The pain really hit me after 7 pm where I just couldn’t bare it anymore I took pain medication it took at least 20 minutes to take effect, that was the hardest as it felt like my migraine was fighting the Panadol/codeine it really tested me, I can see how there is a lot of overdoses with codeine as at the time you just want the pain to stop, it is restraint to not take more you truly feel helpless when your in that state it really tests your mind nothing really can distract you from this state, reading, watching tv, even just trying to sleep is a marathon effort.

When it does stop though I cannot believe how quickly you forget the pain, is this why we are a glutton for punishment as we truly don’t think this will happen again.

And just like that the pain went away, I was Me again the relief was so gratifying I rewarded myself with a ice block.

I had the best nights sleep as my pillows were the soft ones that just give me that support for a good night sleep.

Prior to sleep I had my liquid melatonin and I also had my supplement MTHFR which I will explain why I take this as it’s quite in-depth which when I started going down hill two years ago I started going to a Chiropractor Centre (Little Sprouts) as part of their health diagnosis I had my krypto pyrrole tested which I will go into detail what this means as everyone is different so what can work for me, may not work for you.

It’s basically how the liver detoxes your body or another description is methylation cycle is important because it takes the nutrients from foods and supplements to make the energy our bodies need to work properly.

The common symptoms of this made sense when I was reading them the ones that effect me were:

migraines, depression, chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory loss.

So this confirmed exactly what I’m hoping by having the MTHFR supplement will assist in reducing these symptoms.

You can’t just sit around expecting this to happen by yourself, you are the only one that can control your destiny.

Set yourself little goals, achievable ones, it has taken a lot of effort to get back to Me again, knowledge was the breakthrough knowing and understanding that there is a reason why I was feeling this way, knowing that it’s okay, no admitting saying the words to someone that I’m okay to have depression and anxiety when I say this it brings down a barrier to let others that are going through similar issues that they can get through this, that they will be okay, also giving them confidence that there is a light for them also which may not be bright at present will give them hope that they to can get through this.

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