This is the start …

This is the start to another chapter in my life, I was starting to feel restricted on my other platform, frustrating me as at the end of the day I just want to help as many people as I can.

If sharing my journey of living with mind health helps others to just get through, then I will be happy.

The thing is I’m no one special I’m just a person who wants to share this journey called life, judgement is long past as I’m beyond this point now, if there is judgement so be it, someone has to be real why not be me.

I’m going to share exactly what goes on in my mind the good the bad, my tools I use and also knowledge of what I have learnt.

Currently I’m the strongest I have been for at least two years, I am in a place where I have reached a lot of goals, it wasn’t easy and at times I really did struggle to remain positive. Believe in yourself and you will reach that bright light it’s so worth it.

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