Running with Rosie

I think a lot when I run with my Rosie Dog, it takes me a good km to get into my zone and just enjoy the views and the release of endorphins you get from running.

I am having a good day today actually all weekend, I have been watching my gluten intake really closely as well.

It broke my heart this morning when one of my friends confided in me that he has been sharing this journey alone, it made me realise that there are a lot of us that still keep the pain and struggles of this mind health deep within themselves, how hard this must be for their partners to see their pain and not really feel they can help.

So if my writing can help others that don’t actually have this mind health but live with someone that has it wouldn’t that actually help as then you actually can read how it’s like, as I’ve said before you can’t tell by just looking at someone as we don’t have signs of a broken arm or leg so very frustrating when you loose function of just everyday processes you feel useless and embarrassed it’s a battle just to breathe.

My goal is to share this journey just to stop the stigma let others know it’s okay not to be okay, it’s life we need to be real let our kids know it’s not just a rosy life and really what is happiness as long as we are healthy and loved, feel safe what are we really trying to achieve, everyone is so consumed in life we need to just stop take the time and listen to others, never assume and don’t be afraid to speak from your heart what you really want to say.  I found this a lot when my dad passed away, people get quite awkward with what to say and didn’t really say anything at all, I would much prefer someone to actually say something then nothing at all.

Because at the end of the day, it’s better to know that someone is thinking of you then not knowing.  Just be brave and just speak your thoughts, it’s not easy I know it’s worth it though that release of being heard.

This is something that I wanted to share with you that another of my friends who is on the same life journey of mind health wrote just recently which I think is beautiful.

I’ve been struggling a lot the last few days . I thought I’d let you know ,so you don’t feel alone in your journey . Life for people like us is like walking a path , one that’s sometimes filled with beauty . Like walking bare foot in lush grass , surrounded by the sight and smell of flowers. And other times It’s a little darker, where we walk bare foot on sharp stone , where our surroundings are bare and barren . The lush grass is never far away though . That’s what keeps us going. 

This to me is so special, and so true one day you feel like your so unbreakable then within the next day your on the edge of loosing it with someone just speaking or not speaking to you.

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