My Mind Health – 14 November 2018

So I’m still finding my way on this writing thing of mine – so not to be confusing I will label each piece My Mind Health – with date as I’m currently uploading my other posts from two years ago: Life as we live it helping others in Parts.

I must say I was pleased that they thought more about labelling mental health with the recent attack in Melbourne just recently!! So a little light of positive in regards to a terrible occurrence.

I’ve just been on my run again with my Rosie girl, it’s my thinking time as well as catching those endorphins that give me a get up and go for the day. I’m on my first day off of two days so will see how this goes.

Normally I start to think too much as silence isn’t healthy so have put things in place already (my tools) I have my salt lamp going and my diffuser with oils to give me a really sweet smell of elevation/citrus bliss/peppermint.

I always have the radio going, I’ve listened to the jjjs since late teens, music for me will always be my coping strategy preferably really good guitar rifts they just blow my mind. I love to laugh and still act immature at times I find listening to breakfast radio can really make me smile.

I can’t believe how strong I feel within my head space, it’s funny how quickly you forget this mind health, I wonder if that’s what happens we get into the mind set of I’m going great I don’t need my medication then all of a sudden we go back downhill as the medication is what makes us get strong we just loose sight of this.

I realise obviously I’m feeling good as I’m sleeping good by having liquid melatonin and my MTHFR supplement which helps my liver to detox not for alcohol either I don’t drink I haven’t since having kids and I only have to smell alcohol and I get a headache so I’m not going to bring this on. No the MTHFR is assisting with getting nutrients out of food for me and I’ve been so careful lately with my gluten just totally avoiding this so the rewards are awesome no Migraines for over a week so I’m trying not to get too excited incase I jinx myself.

Another thing I do is have no electronics near me while I sleep so no disturbed sleep as broken sleep is like being in a fog.

Then mornings I have my medication for antidepressants as well as my Vit B supplements and natural proxan and I’m also having P2 Detox and Neuro Pro all this nutritional support is from my Chiro Little Sprouts, I’m so lucky to have great health providers.

I love chatting to people getting that human connection which I really crave I think we just learn so much by each other by sharing our own thoughts.

So finding your own fit in life isn’t easy, I think at times we are searching for this and I believe children are doing the same thing, you see as adults we tend to go through stages of enjoying certain things or experiences then after time those experiences don’t have the effect that we used to have so we go searching for another experience that can take the place of this, which is okay we are all different and that’s what makes us unique. We aren’t always going to like what one person likes it’s important to go with what makes you happy not what others are liking.

Gosh, I’m getting off the track here I’m just sharing what one of my beautiful friend and I talked about this morning.

Will see what the day has in store for me.

I have a to do list trying to keep me on task so I don’t over think which I’m updating as I go.

Oh and also, always take the time to thank people if they go out of their way to help you. This has always been something that I do, it really can help when situations occur, just making the extra effort can make something that could be hard totally easy receiving a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Let the light shine through the clouds x

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