This is why sharing …. you meet the most beautiful people on this journey

When the below was spoken by this most beautiful person, tears just streamed down my face as I could so relate to this, it just broke my heart.

How are you? A question asked constantly that doesn’t want the truth

No one truly wants the answer or even looks closely for the proof

For almost 15 years now I’ve painted a smile upon my face

Played the perfect part and tried to fit into the human race

Most people that say they know me, say I’m a bubbly type of girl

Most wouldn’t believe that In depressions clutches I drown and swirl

I’ve become very good now at pretending I’m coping and ok

I can play every character they bring my way to play

Though sometimes I do slip and I accidently let them in my mind

I think I’m asking for help but instead its only rejection that I find

I’ve noticed that what I struggle with seems to push others away

Or I feel like a burden like I’m darkening their day

But I’m not ok and thats ok to admit to those who I can trust

Its better than the alternative of letting my mind corrode and rust

I need to let others in now and let them see the pain I feel

Otherwise how will I get better and live a life I feel is real

I can’t get out of bed each day for facing the failures that I bring

I’m loosing all of my passions that used to make my heart sing

I’m tired all the time and I can’t get out of the house

My confidence is shrinking and I feel like a jittery little mouse

I look into the mirror and its not who I want to see

I look out at my life and I’m not who I want to be

But I want to make a change I want to reclaim my life

I don’t want to keep on swimming in this ocean made of strife

I want to live a life of adventure one thats chock a block full of fun

I want to be fit and healthy happy to be out there in the sun

I want to not be afraid of life and all that it has to offer

I want to see myself positively and not be the negative scoffer

But I need help and thats why I’ve joined up for this course

I want to battle my demons and stop this darkness at its source

So how am I you ask me? Do you really want to know?

This week was really dark and lonely and I’ve no great task of which to show

I couldn’t keep my house clean or eat the foods that were good for me

I didn’t want to go to work and lack of sleep was my horrid fee

But I am still standing and I’ve made it through the week

I have to keep on pushing on if its health and happiness that I seek

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