My Mind Health – 15 November 2018

Today is my second day off and to be honest I really didn’t achieve much yesterday in terms of house work which is okay as I like to help others so this can consume me in a good way as it’s my passion and I still shiver and shake when I speak words out aloud.

I think for me is understanding what is going on with your mind, as this mind health is very smart and what you think should be isn’t so when I hear someone is struggling I totally get what they are going through.

Depression can be brought on by different circumstances, like a shock to your life that you weren’t expecting such as a traumatic event, so what happens is your brain takes the extra serotonin to help you get through this process which then causes your mind to do things that normally would be a simple task seem so hard to even accomplish this. You really don’t realise how powerful the mind is until it takes control of you just being able to walk or even just breathe it’s the most scariest thing and at the time you don’t know how long it’s going to last so your trying not to loose it and you feel hopeless totally controlled and you hate being this way.

So this is a little insight of just one of the types of symptoms you may have, the craziest thing is you are not alone the more we open up and share what we are going through others are going through the same thing and the relief you get knowing that there is hope that I’m not loosing my mind is unbelievable.

You will have good days and not so good which is fine, it is what it is and it’s a journey you really appreciate the little things and push through the hard dark times as we are loved you just have to believe in yourself and don’t loose hope, the people and friends I am meeting from being on this journey with my Mind Health are so beautiful if we can pass our own versions onto other loved ones hopefully we can start to make a shift with our children so they know it’s okay not to be okay, that they are special and to speak out if they don’t feel like themselves.

As you can see I’m really passionate with this as I’m living proof, hard work and pure determination and importantly knowledge, you can achieve the brightness of this wonderful life so please take one day at a time and don’t stress over things just do what you can and most importantly breathe x

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