My Mind Health – 28 November 2018

Today I’m struggling with life and how cruel it is from my eyes and what I witness, why is others turned upon if they are different from the normal I feel like I’m on a crossroads now.

Everything is elevated I’m angry still trying to process what is the right thing to do, I want to scream the truth yet I can’t as we want to protect, it’s the hardest thing to witness and you feel helpless just sitting on the outside trying to comfort others that are struggling, it sucks that there is such stigma I’m struggling to breathe with this situation all my traits are raising their ugly heads it’s not about me it’s about the ones that are in front of us navigating this life the best they can and it not being easy.

It makes me realise how hard it must be for the others that witness this on a daily basis how they try and help feel useless still just hoping that one day they can make a difference. It is okay not to be okay, it’s so common it’s scary yet we still don’t want to admit or talk about this mind health and it’s real, you just can’t see it as it’s smart and you can hide it, others can see small signs at times and know your just putting up a wall, what if you know and the wall just won’t come down the pressure of this is exhausting me in just typing these words, I’m just so consumed with this sadness of what consumes others it makes me angry and I want to scream and cry at the same time it just breaks me.

I’m wanting to run, yet I’m so not energetic, things are happening my path feels like it’s laid out just the way it was intended to so I can help others.

Someone can be so happy on the outside and you just can’t see that this is a screen of what is really masking the pain that is being felt on the inside, it’s a situation where you know you can’t speak out loud even though acknowledging this makes it worse and you just want to help.

I know there are others that suffer everyday, I know there are others worse off I get this, I’m just processing how I can go through the next path, there is no how to guide no right or wrong way just hope that love will get through this and being kind to others.

I know I’m not alone, the material things in life mean so little when you come across things that break your heart.

I’m just going to do my best and try to stay focused with what is important and tell others they are loved and they are not alone.

And just like fate, negativity and sadness has just turned to positivity. It’s amazing how this life thing works and the signs I receive guide me to learning that sometimes what you perceive as a negative could possibly be positive and this is why I share my journey with others as one perception can be taken so differently to another so I’m in a different mind set now with some awesome advice from loved one that just gets me and really made me feel good that I’m doing everything right, that we can only do our best with what choices we are given I have always made an effort to connect with others as the human spirit is so rewarding and we can all help each other with this life journey and understanding that sometimes things that seem not good could really be exciting as acknowledge of this means that growth is occurring and the moulding process is in practice of what we hopefully are teaching others that they are their own leader of what choices they make in this life.

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