My Mind Health – Sunday 16 December 2018

I know I’m not alone with this mind health, it’s why I’m real you can be going so well, then it takes just a few triggers and sucks you back down.

You feel useless, the mind starts to overload with what did I do this time to cause this and you loose motivation for just being, just trying to achieve normal function is a battle all you want to do is sleep, you feel defeated it’s not easy.

This was yesterday, the previous night I woke at 2 am lovely migraine return and lately they hit with a vengeance that at the time all normality goes out of thinking and you could easily slip one to many pain killers to just never have to feel this way again, nothing eases this you can’t sleep, you can’t read, you just push through, even just writing is a battle.

It takes away your role in life as your inability to function rears its ugly head and you just hate this.

No one knows how hard it is to put the wall up to just get through, I am lucky though as once again I’m in the right place at the right time.

It’s why I share the real ness of how this mind health can change from day to day no matter how hard you try to defeat it, eventually comes back with the force that you didn’t realise exists. Tools you have in place just aren’t enough.

Little Sprouts Chiro has helped me in ways that I am ever so grateful for, another lot of acupuncture and some NET (neuro emotion technique) I’m just so sensitive to anything at the moment, which it worked, took the edge off my state of panic, my frustration with how I am.

It is what it is, I forget the signs like the scratchy head the irritability, the thing is I’m am trying so hard to do everything right, having my supplements eating gluten free, having my antidepressants, liquid melatonin everything, maybe I just overdid it with trying to achieve my goal of ownership with work.

Who knows, I have just come back from a run in the heat, it was hard work, it’s worth it though to have achieved this as it was hard.

Once again I know there are others who are way worse then me, so judge away I know this is helping others who feel like they are alone, your not alone there are so many of us struggling we just need to get through and be strong so our lights can shine bright, not let this bring us down.

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