My Mind Health – Friday 18 January 2019

There is a shift I feel within me, the time to move on start fresh, I love my writing it won’t be so much darkness hopefully from now on, my Dad would want me to be happy so I’m not going to let this Define me as a person, focusing on the here and now is my goal. Anything I learn will just be helpful advice so new beginnings for me.

I wrote this a couple of days ago. Am I imagining this pain I feel, could it just be a figment of my imagination.

I’m hoping this is true, it’s just a little pain I’m not going to let this Define me control me I’m not that person who is going to be one of the ones that is defeated.

It’s just my thoughts are taking over I am trying to be strong stay focused just not overthink what is trying to make me feel less is what I really am.

Positive thoughts come on just bring on these to make me who I was.

I want to be this bright and bouncy person that has more go, I don’t like being in a fog.

Just getting this out of my head is making me feel a little better, the pain is starting to subside, why not try to believe that there is nothing wrong with me that I’m just bringing this all on, can we really trick the doom to really believe there is hope, that it is not going to be the next epidemic.

It’s working my pain is subsiding, don’t give up, believe you are the best you can be, sometimes this journey is what we are meant to be on to help others get through the pain and the waves.

Just be grateful for even just one thing and build on this.

We live in this beautiful place and time, be kind to yourself and embrace who you are as a person, take risks never assume that the other person will do or think the way you do.

We live in such a busy life, take time to speak to people, connect have conversations.

I have been real with my journey of mind health I’m going to flip this and any time I’m feeling not good I’m going to change this feeling by being grateful and see if this can help so many others feeling the same. Can only try something bright instead of focusing on the dark.

Something I wrote just yesterday which I feel is my focus on being more bright then dark, is as follows:

Something Happened yesterday… someone close said to me, tough love beat your demons in that sort of fashion!!

Could it be just as easy as flipping doom to bloom.

Am I just imagining all this.

I’m going to try something new, believe that I am just imagining this and see if I can trick myself to believe this is just a figment if my imagination.

If you think dark it will always feel like this if we think light could this be our way to beating the dark.

Outshine the dark.

As I write this my head is starting to throb like my gloom is trying to loom, break me as such.

It’s not going to I’m strong Megan means STRONG there is a reason for our path we are on.

Day to a brighter me ⭐️

Today is Friday, I did struggle for some reason who knows I pushed through I tried not to get overcome with emotion, if pain started I said to myself in my head ‘Dad would want me to be Happy’ anytime I felt that urge, I know it’s not going to be a walk in the park if I have things on my mind I communicate which helps every time, I explain the reason I ask certain things, I’m still fragile I am going to do my best not delve into sadness anymore that’s all I can do.

I still make sure I have my medication each morning with my supplements and fish oil, I know all of this is helping me to stay on track with my journey.

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