From Dark to Light

29 January 2019

This morning is an exciting day for me, no more Primary School as my daughter is starting High School, time just seems to fly, we live in such a fast paced lifestyle, I think that’s why I like where we life so much as it is more Country or is it that is where I grew up with no technology like internet or google, yes we had everything else we were somewhat protected and innocent fun for us was going outside being in nature, exploring not so much concerned about self image just enjoying being carefree.

Nearly every weekend we would rotate seeing another family, we grew up this way it was how we connected with others, it was somewhat a social outing, there was four of us kids and the family we interacted with had four kids as well, we didn’t have to do elaborate things it was just sociallising remaining connected and celebrating which I look at today and can see at times we are loosing this connection of seeing people face to face which is healthy it makes you smile when you have conversations you learn life lessons, as everyone has a different journey.

Memories for me are what make you as a person to be real, I’m trying to be a lot lighter this year not dwell on things, it’s not like a switch that I can just go oh well I’m going to be more brighter less dark that’s it, this life is a journey we have to utilise the beauty of it, love and guide our children to see outside the screen on what lays before them, interact and have real conversations.

The weekend gone was very special to me, I feel like we have all been given reassurance and guidance that we are all on the correct paths, that it’s my time to try and not be sad anymore to be happy, so I’m going to try my best to not go down and stay up, I know this is for the best I can feel this now, if I do have pain not get consumed with it as such just keep moving, everyone has some sort of pain, it’s how we live life, it’s what you learn or appreciate when this occurs that makes you a better person, makes you appreciate what goodness is around us, that our parents worked hard for us to be in this wonderful life where we see beauty everyday, be it a yellow rose or a cow eating grass, it’s the little things it’s being loved.

So I’m excited for the future, I want to share my life lessons to help others make it less complicated the black and the white which at times is grey, whatever I learn or think could help others I will share, not assume that someone else has been told, I see this to often these days that we are to busy or just assume that someone else has rang for help, connected with that person that is crying out for help, take the time to hear people’s voices listen to the sadness or the happiness go back to basics seeing people face to face we are all just so consumed in our life’s, think of others, just do things that normally is not done.

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