From Dark to Light

30 January 2019

This morning took me forever to wake up, probably not setting the alarm and my son jumping on me to wake me up was lucky as it’s Day 2 for School Term 1 so this week is going to be exciting as well as exhausting.

It’s still hot, I can’t remember being this hot in a lot of years, we are lucky though to have comforts and not be overheating. I do feel for others that don’t have these comforts, at times I see some as I’m driving to work, I look at these people wondering how they managed to get there and feel grateful for the lifestyle that we have and my family.

So it’s quiet in the house so I have my music blaring in every part of the house.

Yesterday wasn’t easy for me, I know I’m going to have days where my mind wants to drag me over, it is a battle so am going to put things in place to not overthink, communicate what I’m thinking to try and overcome the darkness.

I wish it could be just as easy as a flick of a switch, that’s why for me I have to be true to myself and share that some days you can be so bright and others you just keep moving as much as possible not dwell on things, as others want me to be happy and believe me I wish I could just be that positive ball of happiness and some people have this naturally where others don’t we are all wired differently that’s what makes us so individual.

For me I can see why this is complicated for others, it’s getting back to basics, what we eat effects our brain works as the brain is made out of fat 2 types: omega 3 and omega 6, too much inflamed brain is depressed brain. Omega 6 is throughout processed food whereas Omega 3 short supply wild fish or you can have fish oil daily 1000 mg EPA can fight depression. Always have this while eating nuts.

So my goal is to share as much as I can to learn to live with Depression and Anxiety as we have to be real about this, accept this journey.

Having someone to talk to instead of trying to process what’s going on in your head is helpful, communicate these thoughts as normally the other person can be feeling the same way or can suggest why you are feeling this way reassuring you that your not alone to remind you that tomorrow will be another day.

I think we need to be more courteous while we are driving as well, if there are two lanes move over to let others in, only if it’s safe to do so, it seems to be such an effort for others to make this effort, it can make you feel good if you do little things to make life easier.

So I’ve done my run this morning with Rosie Girl called in caught up with a lovely one, have lots of things to keep me busy with constant reminders how precious life is with pictures of loved ones all around me guiding me ‘No More Blue’ this will help me in my journey of this life. X

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