From Dark to Light

Sunday 3 February 2019

Today is a new day, everyday can be the start of new beginnings, why not there isn’t any rules of how this journey of life is meant to be like a dot to dot one number after the next, so let’s start fresh bring on beautiful sun rises embrace what we have in front of us. Enjoy the now.

In saying this we had a awesome experience yesterday, if you ever have the opportunity call into Wine in the Paddock it was a relatives and friends music festival, let me set the scene amazing music in a enclosed sanctuary of beautiful bliss, trees that magnificently show their beauty lovely grass area for everyone to enjoy, the vibe was happy there were kids running around enjoying the pure natural serenity of our nature, connection was happening and I felt like we were in some sort of fantasy with this amazing music and feeling all around me, looking up at the sky I could see glistening blue with the trees hovering on the edge, pictures can’t do this justice it just felt like privacy was tranquil.

The music is always the best live no matter what, it was electric and being in close proximity you feel like your part of what is being performed the bands I saw the talent we witnessed made me so happy, music can be a platform for getting out what others struggle to do, whether it’s the knowing you have a band that is standing with you that gives you courage to speak out what others can’t I embrace this as communication in any form is going to help get through to our children.

Monday 4 February 2019

Reflecting on yesterday as I lie here this morning, makes me realise that yesterday was a good day, I went for a run with Rosie it was hot, I knew though Rosie would love this so I made sure she got her swim in the water hole to cool her down for the day, she actually looks like she smiles as she runs as I take her off the lead in certain parts to just run at her leisure.

Animals are so good for the soul, I have my Leo cat lying next to me as these words escape my mind, he seems to always be hungry, so he stays close to me a lot as I feed him, he is a good boy at times I see him look into the surroundings around me as if he senses there are others around me that I can’t see, I know this, it brings me comfort.

Never give up on what you believe, don’t assume that others have it easier, take the time to connect as we all learn from each other, just keep doing your best and taking one day at a time, enjoy the little things that make you smile, be grateful that we are loved, take time to be there for your children as they grow up so quickly. Encourage them to be the best that they can be, tell them you love them everyday, don’t assume they know this just love them unconditionally.

Have a great week, like I said everyday can be the start of new beginnings.

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