From Dark to Light

Wednesday 6 February 2019

This is why I write and that we all have to help each other, social media is something that can be good it also can be something that can consume us in different ways especially our children who are still so young at times don’t realise the meaning of or realise the depth of that saying something on this platform could lead to serious outcomes.

I am lucky, and ever so grateful of the special people around me who take the time to go out of their comfort zones to contact me, when discover something that isn’t right.

I know it isn’t easy, sometimes we have to risk that awkwardness to do the right thing and I’m ever so grateful.

I lie here trying to process and not be consumed by this massive sadness that I felt when I thought how this is interpreted as being the thing to do as someone else wants to, it scares me as I don’t think our children realise the finality of what this means.

Death is death, there is no coming back do they not know that once this happens it’s going to effect thousands that this isn’t a fad or something you do for attention this is real.

Educating is what we need to do more of, I have Depression it’s not something I wish on anyone, it is what it is, I have good days and bad days, I write what this journey is to help others understand that it’s not just about being sad it’s a lot of others things that really can make normal things like just being able to breathe hard to do at times.

I know I’m not alone, there are others out there far worse, I see it everyday.

So yesterday was a slap in the face, you think your onto everything, you tell your kiddies you love them everyday, you are real with them about what you live with, yet they can still be lead astray by something that gains attention in the wrong way.

It’s hard not to be consumed with this, I’m trying to stay light, believe me, distraction will be something that I use for the next couple of days to not be dragged down, this is why this is serious, I don’t think our children realise the finality of what one outcome or decision can have on the rest of their life’s.

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