From Dark to Light

Saturday 2 March 2019

Reality hits today that I really have to take care of myself.

Which is fine as it is what it is, I’m lying here disappointed that I can’t drive to Forster to see my family it confirms and as my husband keeps saying to me this just keeps happening, I can’t help it, I try and do my best and all of a sudden my body tells me I need to stop.

It could be a combination of things that are going on for me, that others could easily cope with, nope not me, so I was devastated waking in pain at 4 ish this morning taking my pain medication, I could tell straight up this was a nasty one, so I’m writing this now as I’m started to feel like I’m back in the living, plans were changed, down Day happened which is what I need, tomorrow is a new day.

I get frustrated with myself, I have all these wonderful plans, I get excited and inspired, I hit road blocks where I don’t know where to start it’s quite disheartening.

So one step at a time, I have a planner will just input simple goals to achieve, not overload myself, one day at a time.

It’s Sunday I’ve just got back from my Sunday run with Rosie.

Sunday was a great day, had some quality friend time as well as hang out with our kids.

I’m recapping as it’s Monday night, feels like the first time in a while I can get some words and thoughts out.

It was a pretty full on week and I realise now I just can’t do what others can, that I can easily fatigue, have to be so careful with gluten as it just knocks my well being about.

I’m glad I didn’t not do things as you loose inspiration if you don’t try things outside the box as such.

I just love connecting with friends even if it’s up a aisle in Woolworths, it can really make your day just hearing about others going ons, it’s what makes me smile, we need connection it is part of our make.

I attended a course for the Skincare Co. I am a distributor of, it was local in Newcastle, I had such a great day have made some beautiful friends from it, also really inspiring, it truly is a unique Company that everyone just wants to help each other in sharing their own ways, it’s about helping each other, I have been using this Skincare for over 12 months, there is no pressure to meet goals only if you can in your own way, the incentives are amazing, the training is excellent as it’s all online so you can do it in your own convenience, it is to me a unicorn as there really isn’t anything like this in the market.

I love the products, am really pleased that they have released the acne range for teenagers and adults.

There is still the stigma of Australians not wanting to try new products, like we are stuck in our ways that trying something new could be something extra that we possibly can’t commit to.

I see this a lot, I am being ghost now by friends, which is okay, I get it, I just get excited that this is another way of helping others feel good about themselves.

So, today I felt pretty good, like there really isn’t anything wrong with me. I did wake at 3 am for half hour then slept again, it may explain why I had a sleep when I got home today.

I’m getting tired now my liquid melatonin is kicking in, hopefully I can sleep through to 6 am that would be awesome.

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