From Dark to Light

Reflecting last week

Monday 11 March 2019

The last two days I have been flat, headaches, feeling like yucky in the tummy, exhausted, could sleep more then normal, waking up early hours though, which is fine.

I had my second session of neurofeedback and will take some time and sessions for my neuropaths to be aligned correctly for me.

I was pretty exhausted over the weekend due to my Neurofeedback and I understand this will take some time for the correct alignment.

At times I couldn’t seem to relax, just a bit jittery, felt just out of sorts.

Today !! has been the best day so far, I was at work I felt like my normal self I didn’t have the normal not wanting to face the world feeling, I actually wanted to say hello and enjoyed the small chat, I was focused had no pain in my head, just really happy and more in tune with my work and life.

Driving to work was more relaxing, didn’t feel edgy enjoyed the feeling of being able to enjoy the views, wasn’t anxious at all.

If there was paranoia in my head today it was tiny and quickly passed as I realised that it’s not always me that feels this way.

So I’m super excited !! I am more determined then ever to share how my journey is going, giving others options to try different things not just go down the one path.

Experimenting doing things a little different is something I’m trying with my Skincare, instead of you coming to me I’m going through showing you through my own ways of how this is helping me to also feel good about myself.

Believing that if I just be me, sharing what I do to make myself feel confident that others can find this as well.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

I’m reflecting how much just two sessions of Neurofeedback has changed me, changes I have noticed from Monday this week.

I’m not really anxious about anything, that if I’m running late that I just keep heading to my destination, I don’t seem to be getting stressed.

At work I’m more focused and seem more task orientated less wandering or brain fog.

Not as tired, just tired at the end of the day like normal.

I’m not going from one level of emotions to the other, I seem pretty much content in my emotions not really getting worked up over anything.

So I’m lying here watching TV and feeling the best I have felt in a very long time, I have just had my third session and am so excited for what the future has in store for me.

I wasn’t tired last night until I had my liquid melatonin, then I slept through soundly without waking till the alarm.

Thursday 14 March 2010

I am a different person, the old me, my Mind is in a better state, little changes I’m noticing that have a huge effect on my wellbeing.

I’m still taking my medication and having all my supplements.

The heaviness or fog has definitely lifted and this morning waking up was the best feeling I have felt in a long time, no pain, no anxiety just pure happiness to enjoy the day.

There are options, Science is showing us the truth and has the proof that we can get out of our state of minds, that we loose control of when we are at our lowest, the changes I have seen so far are real, it’s going to take time though which I’m fine with, I’m not afraid to share this.

Don’t be blue, there is hope I feel like the path I’m on is less rocky, that it’s smoothing out as I walk towards brighter horizons.

Friday 15 March 2019

I had more spark in me at work, confidence that I have been lacking is coming back, the conversations I was having with everyone was exciting and I could personally tell my brain was at a level that it hasn’t been I could get through tasks more efficiently, my thinking was quicker not in the idle mode that has been frustrating, the small time I have started this Neurofeedback I can notice these changes and others that are close to me can tell I’m different, that there is happiness in me again.

Articulate has been something I have struggled with as well, putting sentences together to communicate, I have noticed everything is starting to flow and just come out like it should, not all back to front and jumbled, so I’m writing this to give others hope.

This is the start of something so exciting and so new, the potential to change so many life’s is worth me sharing this hope that you can get through the struggles and come out the other side appreciating the support and love that I have been receiving from all the people that I have in my life.

From Dark to Light, this is really happening and I’m so excited for what the future holds.

This is me, it’s about being real giving others hope, I have the spark back and I’m content within myself, that’s all we can ask for.

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