From Dark to Light

Saturday 16 March 2019

I’m seeing things normal life in different shade of beauty and I can tell my brain paths are more in tune with me then they ever have. Nothing seems like hard work, like a battle you normally fight to just get through.

I’m doing things that I have been struggling with for a long time for a perfect example I have done two sessions of yoga (at home) this week and during the session this morning I really did get into the zone, whereas normally I just push through the poses hoping that this will bring some clarity to my well being.

So I’m going to keep sharing the excitement I am finding in life as I am in such good state of mind and it’s only been three sessions, the future can only get brighter with more sessions to come, I could be tapping into my brain where it hasn’t been before.

Even tonight out having dinner with friends I could hold a conversation and not be distracted and the words just flowed, I felt energised and alive, to have this feeling is the best so I’m hoping this helps by me sharing all these snippets of where I’m at just how this has transformed me.

Sunday 17 March 2019

Running with Rosie is always quite a challenge, I definitely noticed today that I seemed a little lighter, whether it’s from Mark giving me some tips to not run straight to lean forward it definitely made a difference, don’t get me wrong running is still hard work the mind relief you get from it is worth it, oh and you can splurge yourself with having the occasional treat.

What if you knew that what you are going through could help so many others make their life’s a better one by sharing your own experience of being in such a dark place to now have a spark that you feel can flow onto others to give them hope, normally I would be in a frenzy state no here I am just breathing through listening to the birds and enjoying the serenity.

I know this is real, I can see it in friends that know me how I have changed, the moment they see me again.

There is such potential for us all to help each other get over these dark times, there are services out there that not everyone knows that can help that we are entitled to, they are never really advertised, you have to jump through hopes to get them, just takes the financial burden off.

I’m going to keep writing as I discover new things about me, it’s like I’m on a different level there seems more clarity, I always have loved connection with my family, friends, random strangers, there is a new confidence in me like I have never felt and I’m burning with desire to share, learn and achieve goals that I have always desired.

Don’t ever think that there is only one option for something, keep searching, science is amazing the brain is something that can be changed there is proof, the possibilities of helping others with not only depression is endless, life is short we are only here once, for me sharing this journey and helping others is making the dark times worthwhile.

Don’t be blue, I know my Dad is smiling down at me. We can all help each other, sharing is caring.

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