From Dark to Light

For me it’s about sharing my journey, confidence is something that at times if you have a glow about you, that’s what I receive when I have been using this Skincare for nearly two years, that this can make a difference to your wellbeing when you are struggling with everyday normality.

My Molly has been using the Spotless Regimen for the last 3 weeks, I have definitely noticed a difference with her skin.

I have been using the Redefine Regimen now for nearly two years and it makes my skin feel so soft, it definitely has cleared up any pimples I used to get, the ingredients are ones that are created by Dermatologist Kathy Rodan & Katie Fields, this is such an exciting time with this Skincare as it’s all about helping each other.

Wednesday 20 March 2019

This morning I felt crappy, broken sleep and constantly woken by Leo has taken its toll on me and yesterday I started to get that ache I slept for an hour when I got home and normally that refreshes me to get through, it had the opposite effect I ended up having Panadol for sleep then woke at 3 am with a migraine which was nasty as you can’t really do anything but try and push through, sleeping comes eventually after my Panadol codeine kicked in, really though it wasn’t till my Leo cat came and laid next to me that gave me comfort just his warm touch and presence really calmed me, he probably felt guilty for waking me the previous nights.

I pushed through the day as I didn’t want to miss my Appointment for Neurofeedback, which is changing my life giving me hope that depression can be overcome, you just have to keep searching to what will work for you, educating myself was a massive step, I’m no Doctor or specialist you just have to keep putting in the effort to not give up, knowing you are not alone in this dark pit of despair.

I’m just so excited for the future, I’m learning every session that this training restores healthier brain patterns, teaches the brain to get unstuck, works on the root of the problem, altering the brain patterns affiliated with Depression.

I can tell there are skeptics, it seems to be the first go to, not to believe in someone, believe me I was told yesterday that with the current progress I’m having that my brain will be able to function without medication within 10 training sessions, that I will no longer have depression, well I guess I’m still in a state of shock as I feel I’ve reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, to know that I can share my journey giving others hope is a dream come true.

So I’m setting small goals, achievable ones, one chapter a week, writing my experience to help others navigate their own journey learning as well as educating them in the process giving them hope.

Don’t be blue, there is hope, sharing is caring.

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