From Dark to Light

Friday 22 March 2019

I’m learning so much everyday, not getting too ahead of myself, just feeling content with what the future holds.

I realise now, as much as I want to scream out and let everyone know of what achievements are possible, that there are walls up, not so much personal walls more like business walls that could possibly loose income, that’s not what this is about, it’s about giving others hope our younger generation coming through having more challenges then really what we had, letting them know that there is a cure that this is normal it’s part of our brains being stuck in an emotional state, we just have to learn to unstuck this, depending I guess on the depth of duration you have been in this state really determines how many sessions you will require, what this gives to someone is determination.

I know, I’ve been there until you walk that path it’s really hard to explain the frustration of not having control of being yourself to be in a constant state of fatigue.

That is just a fragment of what it’s like, after 4 sessions of neurofeedback I am feeling great. I know I still have at least 10 sessions to go, the knowing that you are going to be rid of this depression/anxiety is incomprehensible, I’m still processing the real ness of this.

So I’m going to use my words to help others, get them through this journey of despair to help them achieve a better life.

Saturday 23 March 2019

I’m realising not many people are aware of Neurofeedback, so in my own way I will share to anyone that crosses my path that understands where I have been.

Anything is achievable, you have to search never giving up, I feel like a different person with a drive that I haven’t had in years, I want to make life easier for others suffering with depression/anxiety I have so much knowledge on what paths you have, I want there to be more known then unknown, why not? I’m confident, everything is starting to fall into place for me, I’m achieving what I thought was not achievable.

Sunday 24 March 2019

Realising not everyone is on social media or reading any of my posts, so am going to contact friends individually to share with them my exciting news, I really still haven’t processed the enormity of this, there is that slightness of don’t get too excited, I truly believe this though by reading educating myself to learn more, it really is just not giving up believing there is a cure as I really had surrendered to living with depression for the rest of my life, I now have this drive in me that I have never really had, that gives me confidence to just keep trying, so I realise now I have finally found what I’m here for in life, to help others through my journey to make their own lives better easier especially our children.

Late run this morning, was hard work I’m paying for it now, don’t help myself though by not eating after tea then sleeping through till 9 am with only a coffee to keep me going. Feeling very fatigued, like I’ve used all my energy up, will just breathe through this, relax have some down time to let my body catch some wind down.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

I’m totally consumed with work on my work days, coming home at times to have a catch up nap to get me through.

The last two days I have really felt good at work, confident and happy in the environment, not idling as such like I used to, just getting through tasks.

I’m so excited, content for the future, am realising the Neurofeedback I’m mentioning to my friends is very new in Australia so not many Psychologist are practicing with this.

It’s totally worth going on a wait list for as the distant I have come with my depression symptoms have changed dramatically for the best, there is still some fine tuning to reach my optimal level, which is an exciting outcome each week as I’m feeling more confident and content.

Thursday 28 March 2019

Running with Rosie I’m realising that I need to really concentrate on my breathing, having Neurofeedback on Wednesday going through my exercises that I am doing that I have to be careful not to overdo it as I’m determined to keep running as hard as it is exhausting till I feel sick, not really getting any endorphins with this as my brain is still stuck in the old pattern.

So normally when people run they get to a level where endorphins kick in, whereas myself at the moment my brain is in a low mindset the Delta and Theta slow wave so this takes myself a lot more energy to even get to the endorphins. I know I have to do it, just takes a long time to get into the zone.

I wish I was more consistent with every thing, at times I struggle to be this way, I guess it’s early days still with everything.

I’m definitely more confident, it does take a lot of energy when I do too much as I get very tired after neurofeedback, so worth any little niggles feeling very grateful for just falling into this new treatment for depression.

Just wish there were more Centres around with this equipment to help so many others.

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