From Dark to Light

Wednesday 1 May 2019

I’m up to my 10th Neurofeedback session, feeling pretty calm at this point knowing that I am in control of my own future.

Normally everything comes flowing out so I can offload any thoughts that are consuming me within.

Tonight I really don’t have this feeling, just that I want to keep sharing this journey I’m on to keep giving others hope by reading my words, my mind is definitely on the mend I am gaining more and more confidence daily, instead of not knowing what to say when I’m asked something at work with my mind going into overdrive stumbling over words to get out which is really hard work. Those words just flow now, I have confidence again with what I always knew I had I just couldn’t articulate this, it is the most frustrating thing, until you are in this situation it’s hard to explain this.

That’s the thing with Depression, there are so many different symptoms that you can have, you look fine from the outside so no one really can see there is anything wrong.

Education has been what has helped me the most, learning about depression, finding what works for me, not just sticking with the one medication, learning about myself in terms of gut health. Everyone is a different make so something that works for me may not work for someone else.

There have been times where I have lost myself which scares me as I didn’t really know this was happening, the mind is so powerful, I write to hopefully help others as an adult I struggle with this illness imagine how hard it is for young people.

So back to Neurofeedback which I’m having each week to overcome depression.

I am a different person since I started these sessions, what is happening with each session I am creating new neuropaths so that the current paths I have are stuck, I have been tired for a long time, diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, it was just part of who I am.

With my first session of Neurofeedback My Psychologist advised that the part my brain which is utilised for doing was in sleep mode so feeling fatigued all the time was just something that I just thought was normal.

Thursday 2 May 2019

This morning I am determined to get my back which I injured recently while I was stand up paddle boarding feeling good again. Yoga is something that I have started really getting into, I do it at home there is no excuse as I have everything there, it’s really good to energise your mind and body, I felt really good after it.

What I’m saying is we are in control of our own destiny, it’s not easy at times, totally worth though pushing through to feel good about yourself.

Purpose is something that we all need, it’s something that we want to be confident in, keeping in routine is really something that I like, it keeps me busy stopping my mind from wandering.

I’m really excited for the future, things are falling into place, the hard work is definitely worth it, you actually forget that feeling of self worth when confidence shines in.

By me sharing this journey I want to be real that we are all special, don’t give up, just take one step in front of the other, I am not blue anymore, I’m coming back thanks to Neurofeedback.

My Skincare that I support R+F is the No.1 Fastest Growing Anti Ageing Skincare in Australia for 2018, for me personally when I have been at my lowest this has given me confidence. I truly am grateful for this opportunity, to meet beautiful like minded people that share the same passion to help make people feel good about themselves.

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