From Light to Bright

Plantation Island

Thursday 23 May 2019

Not much sleep has been had by us last night, we have a early start 3 am so this keeps me clock watching quite a bit during the night.

It’s the family holiday for us to Plantation Island, Thursday was a long day for us all, up at 3 am coffee 6 am breakfast 830 am long time between meals all day which took us through to tea time which was then a Fijian banquet we were all exhausted and starving from such a day of travelling everything tastes delicious.

It’s been 29 years since we were here last, funny how lots of memories start to come back as soon as we arrive at Fiji, so I was in year 8 at High School.

We stayed at the Hideaway Resort, we had a villa on the beach, I can remember as I’m snorkeling in the turquoise water the beautiful blue starfish, the paw paw that tastes super sweet, there is really something special about this place that just makes me smile, it has culture it’s so pretty and at times untouched.

The Fijians are just the most friendliest and happy people, they make you realise that the simplest of life can be the most gratifying.

Everyone of my family are here, we are all very close to each other, it’s so nice to be able to holiday together, have some real special time together.

I seriously haven’t had so much time in the sun for years, there is so much salt in the ocean you just float naturally, the pier where our ferry dropped us upon has coral directly underneath, the snorkelling is just breathtaking the parrot fish are my favourite the metallic pastels they give out when the sun hits them like rainbow in the water, to experience this underwater wonderland is just something that words can’t describe the beauty of what nature delivers makes everything feel alive, tranquility at its optimum.

It’s Day 3 of our holiday, this is the first time I have just wanted to have writing time, there has been lots of activities for us all to do, the kids have spent the first two days on a huge coloured floating playground that they can do flips from into the water, I managed to go on the adults one today, just getting on this was exhausting I pretty much did a work out going over it, was so much fun the kids were pretty impressed by us having a go on it, I could tell by their laughter that they were impressed.

Went for a run this morning with my husband, the scenery was worth it was hard work going up a hill, fatigue took over from this, worth it though to get the endorphins from pushing myself till I was spent, felt good all day, enjoying the feeling of not being in a routine, not having to be somewhere or do anything other then choose what fun thing to do next with others, it’s certainly hard to take.

Every night is a different cuisine with Asian tonight, there is no disappointment with the meals, flavoursome with lots of varieties, I really have enjoyed the options.

The kids are enjoying the swings under a tree with branches that are thick reaching horizontally where man made swings have been arranged tied on, this seems to be a hang out of theirs when they have some down time, it’s really nice for them to have device free time, they connect again with each other there will be lots of memories made this week, which will be forever kept.

Day 6 of our holiday, the last day or two there has been a vomiting bug that only Aussies seem to be getting, out of the 16 of us 6 of us have had it. I have a slight throat thing going on and a lovely gluten breach which gives me a migraine on the LH side, it’s my own fault I just wanted to eat something that I haven’t had in ages bread and it tasted so good, it happened the first night we arrived I was just so hungry I didn’t even think, so I will just ride this pain out, I’m a little angry at myself but hey I am on holidays, no real chores to do as such, so this eases my thought processes.

The Fijians seem very happy from the outside, makes you realise though that this is also a wall of what they are really feeling on the inside.

They work 24 days straight with 5 days off, they’re families are on the main island so they don’t see their children for lengths of time, they can ring them to hear their voices.

Imagine not being able to be with your kids for such a length of time especially when they are young.

This is a way of life for these people, their grandparents look after the children why the parents have jobs to attend to make life easier for everyone.

Day 7 Wednesday 29 May the last night of our family holiday.

Mum has had a little cat come and stay with her most of the time, it belongs to the Manager of the Resort, it has been something special for her.

There are unique things on this Island, hiring bikes is a nice way to tour around to the next resort Muscat Cove, we did this one day which was really relaxing peddling along the pathway with trees lining the edges made for a pretty outlook, no helmets are required here don’t seem to go fast enough, there are only motorised buggies or tractors, the bikes are bright yellow.

We have all had a great time, the crab races tonight the majority of my family won them.

All the girls have had their hair braided the island way, which works in well with the holiday we have had.

We all had a great time, there was everything to do here, just sitting out the front of Mum’s Burea with the exquisite water view was all you needed to remain content, there has been lots of laughter all round.

Thank you Plantation Resort, we loved every minute of our time with you.

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