From Light to Bright

You really have a moment when the realisation that you have achieved something that you thought was going to define you for the rest of your life.

This happened to me today, was on my 15th Neurofeedback Session was recapping of my past week when I realised I had reached another level with my Depression.

You see I can see I have changed, from the inside and how I’m excited to challenge my brain, whenever I get the chance.

It happened Monday when I was talking about my current state of mind in the process of overcoming depression, my Hubby who isn’t grey is so black and white confirmed what I was saying which I didn’t realise how significant this is till I spoke those words today, I got my nervous shiver where my teeth chatter, this just proves that I have reached another milestone with my current depression.

I have been sick since we returned a couple of weeks from a family holiday in Fiji, no matter how sick I was I never let this get me down there were no depression symptoms at all, if anything I wanted to use my brain more and enjoyed the challenge.

Neurofeedback is something that is still so new I’m so fascinated in this area, the passion is there, challenge yourself to try something different or new, we can all still learn anything we just have to give it a go, the sky is the limit for me, I have exciting goals that I’m really motivated for the challenge.

Life Lessons, they happen all the time it’s how you learn new things, you can take it as a positive or a negative, me personally I don’t like situations that can cause more unnecessary tension, it’s just not a strength of mine I avoid situations that can cause not nice situations, it’s just who I am as a person, don’t get me wrong I have passion for certain things that I will stand up for one of them is depression and anxiety, when you learn something your living with you gain confidence, you educate yourself so then you can share the strengths and the weaknesses of this illness.

I am changing every week with my Neurofeedback Sessions I have, I’m not going within myself anymore, not writing or needing to write anymore which for me is a turning point and sad at the same time, thinking to myself now I have new writing adventures that I can now pursue as my frame of mind is in a better place for this.

I will still journal through the current happenings of my life, I just don’t think it will be to help people it will be more for my reference in keeping life memories forever for my children’s children and so on, so then my life will have meaning, for this journey I have written can forever be shared to ones that are in need.

I have just completed my second run for the week, great achievement as I haven’t been well and just starting to feel healthier.

Getting back to my life lesson, as I was coming home from Newcastle last Wednesday night, after Neurofeedback Sessions with Harry in the back, I was stopped at the traffic lights and it happened so fast the lights changed to green I was a few cars behind the front car which I think stalled so then I braked to stop them all of a sudden a massive jolt hit us which jolted me forward, first instance busy intersection on the inside of two lanes put my hazards on then indicated to left to move off the road, it was dark so cars didn’t really assist with this, so common sense didn’t really work and I ended up stopping at the nearest bus stop, for me personally I didn’t want to cause more issues on the road, with this though I called the Police who suggested I go back there to get the other car details, being peak traffic times it took me forever to get back so the cars were gone by the time I got back, lesson learnt next time just get a photo of car, rego plate etc, as now I have to pay my insurance excess which it is what it is, having never been in an accident I now know you should stop either way to get information off the other driver. So life lessons hey ❤️

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