From Light to Brighter

Reflecting on yesterday was such a flow on effect, I said to myself when I woke yesterday if I can get everything I need done this morning by the time I have my hair appointment, I can reward myself with this by not having to cancel.

I just kept on task, never getting distracted going from one thing to the next, it did flow I accomplished everything that had to be done, I just breathed through accomplishing everything, normally months ago I would require a list, not now I had everything in my mind calculating the next sequence.

This is another confirmation of how Neurofeedback is helping me to remain now in my correct pathways, it’s such a exhilarating feeling when you achieve tasks at home that one time just took all day to get the energy to get through.

I know my limits now, I allow myself to have down time as it truly isn’t worth the fatigue of overdoing myself anymore.

Being organised was something that I struggled with, or time management, I always had good intentions I just couldn’t get it right, yesterday confirmed for me that you can change, that there is hope, my confidence is going to a different level, I am not afraid to challenge myself now with work, I believe that anything is possible, sure some days will be crap that’s just life, I know that at the end of the day we can only do our best.

With my 16th Neurofeedback Session completed I have reached another level of energy that I haven’t seen in a long time.

I am working more then what I have and loving the challenge, as an example I worked all day yesterday (Friday) came home from work washed and vacuumed car, mopped the floors, normally I would come home and either just have downtime or even sleep to get me through, this was classed normal to myself and the kids.

On Thursday night after work I took Rosie for a run, still felt good not fatigued at all.

I feel like a different person, within myself, not letting set backs overcome me with thoughts of self worth.

My next process of Neurofeedback is to ween myself off my anti depressants via instructions from my GP, this will be my ultimate outcome as I will not be needing this medication I truly will have overcome my depression, that will be the real aha moment as to be honest I never really thought this would ever happen, I was okay with this as well, if a white pill can take the edge off you from loosing yourself, just keeping you in a zone with no real side effects, I was happy with this.

Sunday 23 June 2019

I’ve just finished my Sunday run, I’m not a fast runner I do it for me and my Rosie it allows me thinking time, it pushes me out of my comfort zone.

I could easily not do it, I’m so determined though to let others see that if I can achieve this outcome, then it’s possible for anyone, as I’m no one special, I’m just a normal person trying to find myself again while learning life lessons on the way.

What hope have our kiddies got if we as adults can’t get through the most hard times in life, that’s really my end goal to give our kids hope that life isn’t easy, to achieve anything you have to keep trying, never give up on yourself.

That anything is possible, you just have to keep going put one foot in front of the other, know your not alone, that tomorrow is a new day.

Just do your best, you are only here once, you never know the possibilities of what hope can give you, sheer determination.

12 thoughts on “From Light to Brighter

  1. Interesting post and congratulations on your Blogger award from Julie 😊 It must be so exciting to be seeing tangible changes in your wellbeing and energy. It’s great when you find something that gives you such positive results 😊


      1. I suffer with CFS and I know how amazing it is to find something that makes a big difference. Every now and then you find something that just hits the spot 😀 Good luck!!


      2. Thanks Wendy, I had fatigue as well since having this Neurofeedback I have my energy back, it’s just amazing how powerful the mind is. Could this be something that you could look into as well?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I don’t know if we have it in this country. I recently went to a hypnotist, and got some great results there. I’ll keep an eye out for it though.


      4. I know it’s only new in Australia, it would definitely be worth looking into Wendy, I really believe in this and make sense to me. I love your writing, you write from the heart which is really sweet and light, have you always wrote?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I will keep an eye out. I googled it after reading your post, but I had never heard of it before, and I’m a long way from a major city. Will mention it to my holistic doctor next time I see her.
        Thank you for your compliments 😆 Yes, I’ve always written, but never really applied it seriously till about 3 years ago. Like so many creative endeavours, they can get squashed by well-meaning but stifling comments 😣 What about you? You are obviously finding writing helpful with processing your life experience through your blog?


      1. That would be great. Some of my posts are funny, if you fancy a laugh 😆 I love making people giggle 😊


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