From Bright to Brighter

Love my writing, just gives me that space created once I have uploaded or should I say download that can be consumed without me really knowing.

Trigger Points are something that I am now educating myself on as this is where I can get lead down the same garden path with some roses in the way occasionally pricking me.

It’s not easy fighting these off, I know now that I’m just going to put things in place.

I think the first thing is acknowledging your trigger point, not everyone’s will be the same, so putting things in place is what I will do, I could easily walk away from this saying it’s too hard, that would just be me running away from this situation. Whose to say it won’t happen somewhere else.

Also, I don’t want to be looked like I’m precious or sensitive I know that I overthink things so I’m just going to be grateful of where I’m at, do my best knowing that I’m in the happiest or content place of my mind.

I rephrase happiest, it’s such a strong word I’d prefer content as I learnt years ago, when I was striving to be happy, I remember going to a psychologist who asked me, really what is happiest, that got me thinking realising that this word can mean something different to anyone. The frustration of striving to be this person that I should of just been content with who I was.

So I’m going for contentment, knowing that each day is a new day, things happen for a reason, don’t dwell on negative thoughts, be honest with who you are.

I have just come back from a run with Rosie, I feel good just to get the heart rate up.

The air was fresh, Rosie had a little swim so she is smiling now.

Another thing with trigger points, sharing these thoughts always helps, knowing I’m not alone, makes things seem lighter.

I want to be honest, there are times when I can see such beauty that it glistens, I feel like I’m in such a good place. Then there are times when there is a fog, everything is shadowed, if your okay with this it won’t be as heavy, this is just how life is, I think if we didn’t have the fog we wouldn’t appreciate the real beauty of the little things that can make us smile.

Today for me was having our Texi Fish come over to me, like he really understands what I’m thinking.

Enjoy your Saturday ❤️

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Knowing your not alone is such a powerful emotion, if you can get past this point during the times when you feel the loneliest it is such a fulfilling outcome.

I know that this has helped me to where I am now, sharing has made me realise how common depression and anxiety is, I know the statistics are always advertising this.

You will have good days where you feel 10 feet tall with everything is just glistening in front of you. There will be other days that you will struggle, as long as your okay with this you will be fine.

As everyday is a new day, a new beginning, pressure seems to be put on us for no real reason, is it in our desires to strive for everything. Contentment isn’t easy to achieve, what really is our end goal, me personally is to be a good person, laugh and be silly where possible, enjoy the moments of teaching our children life lessons, learning from others, sharing there is hope that educating ourselves we can get out of our stucked neuropaths and being loved.

You can’t just sit around expecting this to all just happen, we are in charge of our own destiny, it hasn’t been easy at times, hard work, just pushing through, yesterday I did yoga at home it set myself up for a positive day.

I don’t take this for granted, I still get reminders if I overdo trying to be superwoman that I will pay for it, it’s really good to know your limits, sleep for me is so important. I have liquid melatonin every night to assist with this.

Everyone is a different make, you need to find what works for you.

My liver doesn’t detox food properly, so I take supplements to help this process.

Gluten in food was causing me to have the same symptoms as depression, I am now Gluten Free, I know what I can have and what I can’t, it really isn’t worth the effort of having that one bit of gluten, it can undo everything in a flash.

So, what I’m saying is, there are no quick fixes, you have to put the work in to get to what level you require in terms of fulfilment.

Just put one foot in front of the other, keep moving, don’t give up, life is more then worth it.

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