From Brighter to Brighter

Thursday 1 August 2018

How crazy is this thing called life, yesterday I was bursting with excitement after my Neurofeedback Session, how quickly things can change, it definitely helps to talk and verbalise where I’m at, just knowing I’m not alone is such a reassuring feeling.

I’m feeling like crap in this moment, it’s hard not to take things personal, every emotion I didn’t want to feel today happened, I wish I was stronger to deal with this. I’ve got to remember that there are going to be good days and crap days that as hard as I try I just have to let the emotions flow.

No matter how hard I tried to push those thoughts aside I really just had to just have a big cry, like my mind wouldn’t settle unless I really had that emotional release.

It’s a pebble in my little pathway, I have to just push through, so what if I’m passionate to me this is a good thing.

Chocolate is also a nice treat, to make you feel good in these situations.

So tomorrow is another day, that’s the beauty of this, it’s like I needed this reminder of everything is okay.

Yesterday Wednesday 7 August 2019 I had my Neurofeedback, the triggers are still trying to drag me down, just talking happened today no actual Neurofeedback just discussing my self worth, it’s not easy I’m just going to let things go through how they should just keep using my tools to push through the old thoughts to not let this define me in anyway. Stop overthinking, believe that everything will work out.

I had a lot going on yesterday, juggling appointments trying to get through without missing anything. The one thing that really helped me was communicating each time up front of what or where I was at, everything else seemed to fall into place, traffic seemed to flow the right way for me, the kids supported me when I needed help like assisting me by Navigating to new places. Their devices were used for their actual real purpose, a communication tool so this for once was a real benefit I wasn’t just trying to do everything myself it was a joint effort. I was proud of both of them.

When your a Mother you get a gut feeling at times that something isn’t right with a situation. I had this yesterday, because I’m so lucky to have such beautiful friends/work colleagues I followed up with this feeling and it definitely was the right thing.

Don’t get me wrong I love my GP, they are so under the pump at the moment that I just felt this wasn’t the area that I could depend on.

So confirming my inner thoughts, I rang and got through to the help I needed confirming that what I was feeling was correct.

During the day, every decision I had made confirmed I was doing the right thing.

So, this comes down to getting second opinions, not just going with what is normally the right thing to do, I went with my gut and everything worked out.

Don’t be afraid to try different paths for help, we are so lucky to have amazing development with all in body medicines.

I’m feeling really proud of myself, there are times when you have to believe in yourself to move forward in any area of your life, it’s the only way you can get out of being stuck.

I know I’m on my way of achieving anything I can put my mind to.

The feeling I felt the release I got was nothing I have felt in a long time, it was euphoric my purple docs making me feel 10 feet tall as I realised I was in control of anything that the future holds.

So, yes we can have times when we feel like nothing is ever going to change, that we are stuck in a rut, you have to do the hard work to get out of this, we only live once we have to push through, go through the process of what is right for your make as we are all so different in what makes us breath.

I’m just going to expect the unexpected, be happy with where I’m at, feel grateful for my life and loving family and friends and enjoy the ups and the downs, totally expect the downs. But most importantly not give up on myself, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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