From Bright to Bright

What a week !!! Let’s just say as a Mother there is always life lessons, the journey continues on being there for my loved ones.

Always act on your concerns when it comes to loved ones. Don’t assume that everything is okay, even though you are guided by certain instructions these can put a situation out of sorts as everyone is different and what might work for one could effect someone else.

If you can see that someone is not acting like themselves, just look into this as they mightn’t know they have any issues.

It happened to us, the crazy thing is I couldn’t see the changes until others noticed as I’m with this person a lot, I just assumed that this was normal, it’s not till you are safe guarding your house, being told to not leave this loved one alone that the seriousness of this situation hits home.

I felt bad, at this situation it’s hard not to, it made me realise how precious our loved ones are that we are in charge of their life, that they are in our trust. That decisions we make can have huge effects on them not us as such.

It was good to have confirmation, that we did everything right, we followed the proper instructions that was given to us from our Medical Person.

I’m learning more about medication, with the Neurofeedback sometimes one needs some of both for them to balance out.

Being on medication isn’t a cop out, if your body isn’t making enough dopamine or seratonin then these ingredients help to make the body function.

With the medications that are currently been weaned off, there are none that stay in your system. So there shouldn’t be any effects of weaning off these if done correctly.

On another topic, life is good I’m in a good place I’m trying to remain grounded with being satisfied with my work life balance, it’s a work in progress, it’s the one thing that rears it’s ugly head and I’m doing my best to remain satisfied with where I’m at.

I feel like life is flying way too fast these days that we are still so busy that the face to face connection isn’t as common, yet I crave for this and struggle with silence and being by myself on my day off.

I’m loving the last rain that we received, making the animals I see on my way to work smile and great to see the empty holes being filled with water again.

Never give up on what you believe in, no matter how big or small, just setting yourself little goals can help you achieve the ones that you think aren’t possible.

Getting out of my comfort zone has been something that has helped me to keep moving forward, there are days that I feel like crap, it’s normally sugar overload or not enough sleep, I know though that it’s for a short time and that tomorrow is a new day.

More and more I’m hearing the C word, yes cancer, the scary thing is it’s becoming so common to hear that someone has this. I wish that there was a cure for this terrible disease, it’s effected me personally with both sides of my family having lost loved ones.

Anyhow I’m rambling on, it’s been a week since I wrote or uploaded what’s going on in my head it feels light to let these thoughts go, I breathe realising where I am that sometimes I’m so happy with this moment.

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