Still bright, wanting others to be bright

Three things today I have done to overcome stress.

First meditation, then yoga, then a run !! I was determined to beat my mind, there is still a dull ache, nothing in comparison to when I first woke up.

The mind is such a powerful part of us, we have to find what works for each of us, no one person is the same.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I put practices into place.

I know my head ache is from tension, so it takes effort for the brain to be working on the holding tension, so then this puts stress into the brain causing it to try and fix everything.

I’m determined though, more then ever.

I have come so far with where I’m at, a little bit of pain is minimal in the comparison to where I have been.

I read one of my posts when I first started Neurofeedback, it’s been life changes, getting outside my comfort zones and just at times hard !!

Determined for others, for me to prove to myself that I can beat this, well I had to, my children can’t see me throwing in the towel, then they will feel like doing the same if things get too tough.

So life goes on, some days are easier then others, you have to make choices that put you on your right paths, things don’t come to you, you have to go out, do the hard work to find what is the right fit for you.

So that was Saturday …. I ended up having to have some iproben as I started getting nauseous, with breakfast and this head ache slowly disappeared, it was tension I know this as I still had the shoulder issue, which was fine.

Sometimes you just can’t do anymore then to take something, it’s not a sign of weakness, you just need a little help with feeling better.

So once the pain subsided I was able to get things done.

I felt lighter within myself as well, for exercising and meditating, there are days that you feel heavy, today I felt lighter and confident, enjoyed being outside in the public, it really makes a difference your mindset, it can change what you think is going to be a struggle less, things are achievable and we learn so much from each other.

The more I open up about the heart ache I have with struggles that are happening, not with me, I learn of choices, options, it breaks our heart at times, we only want life to be easier, it’s cruel the journey for some, we are determined though, always have been, always will be, no matter what, it’s what we live for, I know there are others worse off.

It’s hard not to take this personal, to blame yourself for, did I cause this, we are always on pedestals going around, do we do this, should we try that, is this going to be worth the pain it may cause, why did I do that, I thought this would turn out better, I know if you don’t try that there will always be the …. well at least we know that didn’t work, it pulls on your heart strings, you feel a failure for trying, it can really put you off going down the path of let’s try this, as it can take so long to get back to the place where they started from.

My lesson that I have learnt, some of us just need that tablet or medication to be balanced, that it’s not a bad thing, if you are still dealing with the real issue, not just covering up hoping it will go away then your being proactive.

No one is going to give you a medal for being medication free, it’s not the end goal, the end goal is to be in a place that you are happy within yourself, content with where your at, feeling loved, enjoying life, not feeling pressured to be the best at everything, just being in the moment and enjoying the little things in life.

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