Happy Last day of 2019

Happy 2019 – Helping others, sharing the light.

I had to share this, I’ve been stuck with how to let everyone know that I’m in a really good place with my mind health.

I find that routine is something I need and meditation and yoga is part of this.

I want to let others know that coming up to a new year I’m in such a healthy head space from last year, that sheer determination and pain at times, just being real, doing things outside of normality and believing in myself has got me to a place where I’m grateful.

Yes this sounds cheesy, I know, don’t get me wrong I still have days where I struggle which is normally from overeating milk chocolate or gluten breach, it seems to get worse as each time I do this and at times can last three days of struggle.

It is what it is, we learn the hard ways, I say this to myself each time this occurs.

The mind is so powerful, I’m still learning about myself every day, I internalise at times my struggles that I see on the outside.

I know that my mind has been recreated as I am amazed with how I want to learn more about what makes us tick.

We are constantly battling with electronics and the world of technology, it concerns me that our children are on these platforms that can be shared with people that are not good and take innocence away from them. Hopefully we can keep educating them of these dark places that lurk behind these screens.

My skincare is still going well, I love the feeling of confidence I receive, for me it’s helping others feel good about themselves.

Educating my kids on looking after their skin, as my Molly uses these products daily which I’m really pleased about.

So different from when I was a child the same age, Skincare wasn’t really something that I did, I did stay out of the sun I always covered up and looked like a total nerd, I didn’t care, I remember being young and going to the races one time with my grandparents and my nose got soo burnt that it peeled, from that day on I never went in the sun without a hat or sunscreen. There were times that I was criticised for being so white, I didn’t care I have always had my skin checks and been cleared so I know this is because I have always been careful.

So, we are on our way to Forster to see my family who I adore, it makes me smile just thinking of them, I miss them, you may think it’s weird that I share my inner thoughts, I really don’t care, it’s me just being real with where I’m at.

Why not share the inner self of the bright and the dark times, I know that this is me and I’m giving others hope that you can get through the dark times, that you are not alone, that we all have times when life is hard, to not be hard on yourself, that we need to show the truth to our kiddies that life isn’t just simple that it’s hard at times, you are the only one can make a change, the sky which has been covered in gloom lately is becoming blue, that being kind to others can be such a rewarding experience.

I think of my Dad and Marilyn a lot, there are constant reminders of them, ladybug 🐞 for Marilyn anything with wings for Dad, I know they are with us always, I still get teary at times, how can you not, it still isn’t easy, time does help, still …. you do see them everyday when you are out and about, little snippets of their characters in others, memories are so important it’s what we use to make our daily events more special, it can be a photo that you haven’t seen in years, little things.

So from me to you, have a Happy New Year, I will continue to write hopefully more consistently to share my life lessons of this ever continuing journey to be a good person. X

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