My Why

My Why !!!
This hasn’t changed for me, if anything it gets stronger as time goes by.
Life is about navigating as best you can, learning from what you have, knowing there are reasons for why things happen the way they do. I believe this with my whole heart.
Accepting that everything is not the same as everyone has been hard and we learn everyday that little goals can be achieved, that you have to set these goals though, you have to know you can’t just expect changes to occur, that effort has to be put in by everyone for achievement.
Hard to hear words that you know deep down is the truth, you only want what is best, for them to be happy, for life not to be a challenge.
You wish you could take away this frustration and sadness that you see, you want to make things better, easier. You feel useless, it’s hard not to.
So my why will never change, it’s about being able to help others, give them confidence, help them to achieve living life without pressure, it’s what we live for.
No one knows what is really happening behind closed doors, only now others are starting to notice changes.
Acceptance is what has been hard and that’s cool, the knowing that we are both in this together, that there is hope that I am never giving up, forever searching for the black and white.
What else can I articulate, make effort to see what is in front of you, go with your gut and never assume that your wrong.
The mind is so powerful and smart, just keep trying to find what is right for your fit, everyone is different, effort with ongoing communication and telling them they are loved even though nothing is ever reciprocated, just keep being there for them.
Life is hard, when you have times when you are at your lowest, just remember that it’s only temporary, that this will pass, you will appreciate the good times so much more as they will stand out and you will feel alive.
So run like the wind and set your mind to achieving the impossible.
I will be with you with every struggle or happiness you will receive.

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