We are in the unknown

All of us that is, so the air is heavy at the moment as we process the reality of this situation.
Our minds are all in overload, personally I’m one of the lucky ones at the moment that still has work and can work from home.
So I don’t tend to write as much lately as it obviously is my therapy and I haven’t really needed to upload my inner thoughts.
The beauty of writing is you can do it anywhere and for me it does work.
My head space is precious at this point with the changes big changes that we have had to go through this last week.
Normality and control have been forced upon us and we are not used to this, social distancing anywhere is very awkward our normal friendliness towards others is on guard as we are all fending with looking after the health of each other and our most vulnerable. So it isn’t easy going about doing normal day to day functions.
The pressure of all these changes has effected my normally happy life, so my tools of getting by go out the window and I kept using all my nervous energy up till I had none.
Let me explain how the brain works regarding our stress levels, as doing Neurofeedback for the last year I have learnt a lot about the brain and how it controls us.
So an example for me was on Monday just gone, typical work day I have payroll so I’m already in high focus mode and concentration and remaining on task is what has to happen, as there are time frames of getting this done.
So with this Cov-9 everything is changing it’s hard to remain on task and I can feel pressure building up already in my head space, my flow of normality keeps getting interrupted, so my mind is doing overtime to keep on task.
This would be happening to everyone, not just me, we are all in the unknown at present waiting on edge for another announcement of what control is going to be forced upon us.
We have to remember that we are all precious with our minds, that everyone will be on fight/flight mode which is something that we try and not be all the time as it is exhausting. Our brains will be wanting more to cope with this as we are using more of its resources as it is the unknown with what we are going through. This is really important that we check up and don’t assume on our close family and friends, especially those that are by themselves or just gone through some major life changes as these are the ones that need support and would be feeling alone.
We need to keep talking to our children, keep explaining what is happening so they aren’t stressing from what they can see in their parents.
We have to just take one day at a time and not overthink, this is something that hasn’t happened in a 100 years, it’s massive.
Be kind to one another and look at communicating as much as possible, hearing loved ones voices, using Skype/FaceTime/Zoom to take the time to reach out, physically we are contained we have technology that can help us.
If you don’t feel yourself, talk to a loved one, these are times that you can’t be complacent with I will be alright, your mind is powerful it’s normal happy place is being compromised with added stresses the normality of routines has changed so we would all be going through this, picture your brain the front part of this is in your forehead this is the part where commonsense happens at the back part where the base of your neck the bottom of your skull is the stress part, so normally you would have to pass the stress part of brain to get to normal commonsense processing part, when you are going through a stressful time this is why our commonsense doesn’t click in at times as it has to come a lot further to the frontal part of our brain and that needs more juices to do this.
That’s why it’s important to have tools in place to assist you, so then you can have these in preparation for what is to come.
My tools will be mediation, my oils (thank you all my oily friends) exercise either running Rosie or yoga.
So I am starting to feel better getting this out of my head, I can hear rain outside which is always a great sound, nature at its best reminding us of its beauty.
Look, I’m no expert with this mind thing, I’m just sharing what is happening with me and hoping this helps, it’s not a poor me story it’s processing the unknown of what lies ahead, it’s just letting others know that you are not alone and to reach out, especially now more then ever.
That we all need to be kind to one another and keep talking to each other, don’t assume that this person is okay, just ring them and hear their voices, that’s really powerful to hear someone’s voice, it means you care it’s personal.
Now more then ever our minds are going into overdrive using excess resources to cope with the unknown, we need to remember this, to breathe to talk about this, don’t be afraid to admit you don’t feel right.
Especially our children, keep them informed, let them know it’s okay to be feeling all these forms of mixed emotions, that they are not alone, they are loved.

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