Where we are at …

I haven’t written in a while …
I’ve been so consumed with a new routine, the last few weeks I’ve had both Molly and Harry home online learning, which does take time to make sure they are on task.
Harry would much prefer to play with our big boy Leo cat, it has been good for me to see the difficulty of how Harry learns, that it’s hard work for him to remain on task.
He seems happier though which is all we want from our kid’s so that overrides everything.
I have had more energy lately, I’m doing more work then I ever have with working from home, keeping kids on task with their schooling, I have been running more as my clothes are a bit too tight for my liking, that’s how I go with my weight, I hardly step on the scales I go by my clothes as if I feel comfy in them, I’m pleased.
So with not having an excuse, I try and run as well as get the kids elevating their heart rate as well.
It’s important for them to exercise during this time, as they can easily slip into bad habits. For me little amounts of technology is good, too much isn’t good with your brain health.
With not being able to do my Neurofeedback with both Harry and I we are having zoom sessions. I am learning more about what I can do for myself now then depending on my Neurofeedback sessions.
Meditation has been really good, I don’t seem to get to the next level of stress, I can control this more and just breathe as we can only do our best with the situation we are in.
So I’m learning more about myself each day, enjoying the challenges feeling grateful for where we live and the family and friends I have in my life. I try not to watch too much television on this terrible disease that are taking so many life’s it can really get you down.
It’s nothing like we have ever experienced, we feel protected in our bubbles which is good.
Knowing that we are not the only ones going through this does give comfort, sharing is caring and we all have to help each other to get through, there is added pressure for not only what the effect of passing this on, the guilt is far more deep when you could jeopardise someone else’s life without meaning to. So it’s simple, stay at home, only go out if you need to, social distancing is a must, always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds this is saving lives of others, it’s the ripple effect of looking after each other.
We are so lucky that our technology can give us our loved ones faces and voices, hearing someone’s voice is so powerful and real it can make any situation less.
Sunday 19 April 2020
I love this time of peace, my mind is just enjoying the now, my favourite sound is the Willy Wag Tail (birds) they have such a happy chirp.
Sunday mornings are my favourite, they are time for me to have time to be creative, there is no rushing to get anywhere, the house is quiet as there are no appointments to get to.
So I’m learning about the mind from others, it’s about being in the NOW, it takes practice to be in this moment and I’ve been working hard to get to this state of calm.
I think personally I have always wanted to get to this place, I just have to make more time.
Time, this is something that we really have more of at the moment, (just took a deep breath) by just acknowledging my breathing my shoulders are releasing tension. We all have more time due to the current situation, we are not rushing from point A to point B trying to achieve social/sports arrangements for our others. So now we can make the time to really smell the roses.
We can look up at the sky when we are hanging the washing on the line, to see the beauty of what is above.
I remember when I was struggling with life a few years ago that if I got into the spa outside with bubbles going just laying there looking up at the sky was quite out of this world, actually peaceful (was I finding my now moment, I guess I was) I did keep a lot within myself, deep breaths (just on the breathing, we don’t realise how powerful this motion is, I know I have to tell my self deep breaths for me to do this, I don’t actually do this unless told, once I stop concentrating on this fact I go back to my shallow breathing.
Anyhow, just lost my train of thought, interrupted by My Rosie, she wants her Sunday run (she knows that’s what we do every Sunday morning, without fail).
So I’m being distracted with the thoughts of guilt so my mind is preparing me to take her as this is when she smiles.
So am feeling more in-tune with life, we were listening to Tool last night and all these thoughts came rushing back. Music is powerful especially when it’s sound takes over your mind the heaviness of the sound, blocks everything out of the normality of what you are currently doing and vibrates through you taking you to a place where only you have been and can feel the emotion of that moment.
Tool especially has a sound that when your listening, feels like you can beat anything it’s a force that can change you from feeling nothing to being totally in that moment of achieving whatever you set your mind to. There is something about music that can distract you from being weak to being strong, it’s the vibration of what has been created that you feel through your whole body, only you feel this in a way that no one else can, it’s powerful for your strength.
So, I just did this – I acknowledged having my morning coffee, instead of just doing the motion of drinking as a habit, I took the time to feel the heat of this on my hand, the taste of this when I drank, the smell of the aroma, I really enjoyed this more.
So little habits can be created, to appreciate where we are in this moment, take time to see what is in front of you, as this is the most important part of life, enjoying the now and not worrying about the past.

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