Never Give Up

Rosie – My Running Partner

Never give up
I’ve just been for my Sunday run, it was hard work in the wind – it’s my first run for the week as I’ve been off.
When I say off, I know now these days when I’m not right I listen more to my body then I ever have.
Whether it’s the current Covid situation we are all heightened that’s what makes this okay, you aren’t alone it does cause some who are prone to anxiety to be more then normal and our stress levels can cause our brains to leak chemicals that can cause leaky gut which infections are easily caused due to the imbalance which can lead to painful headaches.
Hence this happens to me at the moment quite a lot the frustration is real I hate not being capable or of being full potential and I’m reaching more then normal for heavier pain medication. As I’m so over this and would rather be numb.
When this happens if I don’t hit the headache right at the beginning it seems to escalate, so not being a hero I take the tablet to take this frustration away.
Anyhow nearly finished I knew I had an infection and I had my Chiro appointment with Ang which confirmed I was right, it wasn’t a gluten breach it was an infection.
So listen to your body especially now as our brains are in the unknown especially our kids for they feel this as well.
Enough on me let’s just say I’m so proud, it hasn’t been easy for our children especially now.
Keep pushing for sports as much as you can the natural endorphins will do so much for their happiness.
Team sports is really important as we really need that face to face interaction.
At times I give explanations of how to face situations what I was like as a teenager.
Never underestimate the power of your voice, we need to talk more to our kids as they will listen we just need to get them out of their phones.
Basic stuff like talk to people if you have something to say, not text. As it’s the unknown that causes issues.
The happiness I have seen from just owning something is so worth it.
So it’s a constant battle with ourselves in are we doing enough, we just have to realise we can only do our best with each situation and treat someone how we ourselves want to be treated.
So, take care – just my inner thoughts on where I’m at.
Grey is the new Black

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