The Best Week

The Best Week
In a long time this is the best I have felt, so it’s not all doom and gloom it’s about being real with this life and sharing the both emotions or the strongest at times.
Just got back from my Sunday morning run with Rosie with layers this morning purple beanie and sunnies yes it’s a combo.
So my week just gone, can I say just flowed and I’m excited to say no pain!!!
Everything was achievable and I feel like I’m starting to come back to me again.
Got to be honest though, I don’t want to get my hopes up and have in the back of my mind to not get to comfy with this.
I’m proud of the effort it has taken to get my grey one out of despair, still a long way to go and there will be times that will be testing.
Just always go with your gut and search for what is the right fit for everyone.
It’s so worth seeing the light coming through when it does, and I’m ever so proud and feel like a weight has lifted from me.
It turns out my Chiro has found I’m hoping what has been triggering my leaky gut/stress and since my last visit am feeling really good.
So as I’m writing I’m listening to music, those who know me well know that music has been what I have loved since my early teens and The Cure is still one of the bands that I love, haven’t been able to listen to it as freely as I want as I have to be careful as it can go from happy lyrics to sad.
I’m truly grateful for all the live music events I went to growing up and feel for others that aren’t getting to experience these at the moment.
It’s sad to see an end of Big Day Outs they were the best and have so many cool memories and wild moments with my siblings.
I’m excited though to take my kids to live music shows when we can, that’s if they will let me as I’m so not cool.
Anyhow, fun fact the first band I saw ever was Daryl Braithwaite in Newcastle when I was in High School. With B, J and I think R was with us as well. We stayed overnight, was such a great introduction to live music.
So I’m 45 and last time my last line was Grey is my new black.
Well …. that is exactly that, I have dyed my hair since High School so I’m interested to see now what colour I am naturally and I’m grey with black streaks.
Nothing is more empowering then this, the time is now more so then ever. Covid makes you appreciate where we are, that getting back to basics, being happy with the simple things as we are in the unknown not knowing what will be happening and hoping for a cure for what this is doing to so many, it’s sad.
So enjoy the now, appreciate the little things, time is just going so quick, just do the best as you can.

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