I write to get the thoughts out, I’m excited to say that we are nearly business owners, it’s been a slog so worth the outcome though, pretty much taken 8.5 months.
What can I say, never give up on your dreams, the desire to have a better life to be there for our children, it’s so worth it.
You appreciate the win more as well as you never give up and it’s a roller coaster !!
I’ve started running of a morning, well just because I can and at times I’m still half asleep and Rosie my running partner needs this for her happiness and well being as well.
So it’s the year of the firsts for a lot some of us and doing things just because well why not and I guess Covid has taught us that it is the unknown.
I can say I am happy with what I’ve achieved and I’m proud of where I’m at.
If you get a chance watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix it’s a real concern when you see the designers of these big apps advising the dangers of our devices and programs our kids are getting addicted to.
You can see how they are loosing the concept to socialise face to face and how our brains are not wired this way and what it is causing… basically we are controlled not us controlling !!! It’s scary – so the first step is to turn notifications off.
We just need to get out and be in open air, team sport is really good and just talk as much as possible.
We need to all help each other stop being controlled by devices and be there for the ones that are right in front of us.
I’ll stop raving now, just be kind to yourself as we personally can only do our best with the situation and it’s limitations.
Things have changed for us, for me personally I just want others to witness events that this is not okay and if you see something and it doesn’t look or feel right use your voice to be heard as you know others don’t know what is underneath the barriers of laughter the real sadness and difficult concept of what happiness is and how a real struggle life really is – to be honest I’m still mad I guess I always knew that this could happen you just don’t want it to be real.
It’s changed the perception of what was friendship and the realness of cruelty has reared it’s ugly head.
For all I know this has been going on for a long time and become normal which is scary and it makes me sick.
It comes in different forms, and it means different things to others on how it is perceived.
Just be the eyes for others and don’t be afraid to act.
I thought I was over it, the shaking and tears of frustration are still there when I think about the situation.
Just put yourself in the persons shoes, if that was someone doing the same how would you act??
True colours I’m sad to say are shining through, just nothing ….

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