Excited for the future

Excited for the future
Never give up on your dreams of creating a better future for your love ones.
It’s taken most of this year and we have learnt so much and appreciate what small businesses have to go through in getting up and running.
It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs and I truly believe from the moment I drove past and saw that sign that I knew deep down this was meant to be, you get the gut feeling of what you envision and you set your mind to working towards that goal.
I’m super proud and grateful of what has been built up to support local businesses as well, we can all help each other.
Personally it’s also about teaching our kids the life skills of what’s involved running a business.
So it’s been crazy and scary, excited and thrilling at the same time.
So back to me with my headspace, I had my Neurofeedback appointment for the month this week. So impressed to know that my brain has not altered from the last monthly session if anything it’s improved and when I had my training it was hitting levels that are better then ever.
So !!! I’m 45 no young chick – I just want you to know the sky is the limit that your brain is ever evolving we can change it by getting into healthy patterns with good life styles and believe me I put this to the test with normal everyday stresses of looking after my grey.
It’s so important for me to share where I’m at, if in doubt never stop searching for what is the right fit as we are all so different.
Today is my Dad’s Henry birthday, he isn’t with us anymore I see him a lot though and I know he is still a huge part of me and will never stop living within me.
I’m ever so grateful for the childhood I had and I still get teary with these words coming out, I know that he would be proud of me and for who I am, his heart still lives in all of us, deep breathes as my true sadness of loss is rising from down in the depths of hidden emotions.
Breathing out I know he wouldn’t want me to be sad for him as he wasn’t this at all, very rare to be honest to see this from him. He loved life, being near the water with a fishing rod and chatting to random people he was very social. Very soft spoken as well…. anyhow enough with the tears the moment was there and now passed.
I just think it’s important to remember these moments, I don’t mind sharing my inner thoughts …. it’s how I have got through to where I am today and sharing is caring right?

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