Well today

Well today ….
Is the day that I have completed my Neurofeedback sessions, it has taken 22 months from the time I started February 2019 to now with weekly, fortnightly, to monthly appointments.
I hope by sharing this journey that I give others hope that depression/anxiety isn’t untreatable that you can live with this illness, with hard work and determination.
What can I say I’m so grateful of where I’m at, to where I was and am feeling pretty chuffed with myself.
I can go back once every 3 months to make sure I’m still all good, and this is nice to know.
It’s called life changes not just a faze and daily dedication to making sure I’m using my tools.
So still on my medication daily, having supplements, using my headspace app with daily medication, not having any gluten in my diet and reducing some dairy.
Exercising regularly either slow jog or now gym which recently joined.
Good sleep of a night time with the aide of liquid melatonin. Using night mode on phone after 7 pm.
So what I have achieved with the completion of my Neurofeedback is created new neuropaths that can work more efficiently from the frontal brain lobe.
Basically retrained my brain to get off old pathways with habits and onto the newly created pathways.
Personally I have really seen the differences in what I can do.
I’m back doing payroll which I love, I’m up for a challenge and just determined to do my best always.
So, yes there are days that I still can feel a bit off and that is okay as we have to have the feelings of low to appreciate the feelings of high.
The high definitely out weighs the low and I’m learning everyday to be appreciative of this.
The beauty of the brain is it can only get better, myself as proof as I went back today from last month and it had improved from the last session.
So keep searching for what is right for you, I fell upon this by simply asking a question.
Would this benefit me …

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