Where I’m at now

Well it’s important for me to update:
Yesterday I went back to my Clinic for my check up it had been three months so I was excited for the outcome.
Personally I knew that my brain is going well, I’m loving the challenges of everyday life and can feel within myself the confidence I get now from this.
Pleased to say that after my 12 minutes of Neurofeedback my brain was at a place where it hadn’t gone back wards it had remained and was improving within itself goes to show how amazing it is.
It truly gives you a new lease on life, like the skies not the limit.
So I don’t write as much these days as I’m so consumed with other things that there really isn’t a need for me.
I have found by keeping busy at all times that it doesn’t give my mind a chance to dwell or try and pull me down.
I still do my runs with Rosie as it does help me to feel good.
If I am home by myself I either listen to music or a podcast – I find this really good as well if I have a headache as it’s all about distracting the brain from the pain and in regards to my headaches I am having acupuncture which am noticing that I don’t have the severity of what I would normally get and I tell myself it’s temporary that once it’s over you simply forget the pain.
So this life is all about what can work for you, don’t feel that you aren’t fixable – there is hope and I’m hoping with my words that I write that this gives hope to others out there that feel they are stuck that to search for what is your fix, especially now we are still going through a pandemic sounds weird typing this word, it’s the truth though – one good thing is we are all going through this and our brain is in a place where it has never been before so it would be struggling to remain on its normal pathway as it is the unknown.
So if you feel off or not yourself look into this further, when we go into the flight or fright motion our brain needs more serotonin to help the body cope and this can cause then our minds to not function as they should which can cause adverse effects to normal day to day experiences.
We can become fatigued, that just getting out of bed is a challenge.
We can struggle to face the world, like even normal functions of walking can feel like you have concrete in your feet.
You can be emotional all the time, where you just think crying for the sake of it is normal.
Your tastebuds can change so food doesn’t taste how it should.
You can be not yourself in character and do random things which you wouldn’t normally do.
You have waves of the unknown that just come out of nowhere and scare the bejesus out of you. It’s the unknown which is scary as they are intense and looking back as I type this they were probably anxiety or panic attacks.
You see with depression it can change and one day you think you have been suffering with something then you get another characteristic like anxiety which then throws you into chaos.
Me just writing this my body is twitching, knowing I am stirring up some deep down emotions.
So …. I could go on as that to me is only a few of the symptoms that occur with Depression, not having control is what scares me the most and over the years educating and learning has helped me to overcome and live my life as normal as possible.
I still have my anti depressants daily which I am fine with this as it is keeping my serotonin in my brain balanced.
I don’t have gluten in my diet which has helped as well as gut health does effect how our brain functions.
I have my supplements daily and to assist with my sleep have liquid melatonin just before bed.
Sleep is something I prioritise as I can’t function to my optimum without this.
So please keep searching for what is out there that will work for you we are all so different and there are so many great services and products to assist us with living with this illness.
It’s the little things that can make a huge difference in this life.

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