Fasting My Feelings

So I’ve been fasting now since Thursday 1st April, I feel like this is something that will benefit me with my headspace.

I actually felt calm and not really hungry as lately I have been trying to have fruit as my breakfast or dragging my coffee out till I got to work.

I also have noticed that as long as I have something to drink I’m not hungry it’s just the habit of eating.

As soon as I started doing this there was definitely a calmness I felt.

I could think better, was less distracted and seemed to be more on task.

I don’t know if it’s my age that I’m listening to my body more on what it needs.

I know if I go for a run of a morning that it pretty much exhausts me and I have to rest in the afternoon to get me through.

So it’s the balance of should I wear myself out or not.

So since I started fasting on Thursday I haven’t done a run as I wanted to test whether I can still loose weight or not so much loose weight just feel better in my clothes.

No one noticed I wasn’t eating till lunchtime either so that was good, as I can still have a drink of something.

I’m only feeling heady today (Easter Monday) as Molly gave me scare at the beach yesterday and I thought she had drowned (went to bathroom without telling me) so I started to go into panic mode fight/flight response and due to this my brain stressed and released some cortisol which then caused a head ache. I know this is why and I’m okay with this.

So woke during the night had some nurofen and just feeling spongy today.

So I just listened to my body and knew I needed my coffee and food before 12 pm so I just did this and I felt better for it.

So back on track for Tuesday 6 April fasted to 12 pm and have stopped eating at 6 pm so 16/6 today.

Wednesday 7 April fasted from 6 pm to 915 am

Was trying to make it till 10 am oh well feel good for what I’m doing.

Did a run 3 kms at 430 pm

Weighed myself I’m 65.2 kg not that I really measure this as I’ve always gone by my clothes.

Will see how I feel after this.

Thursday !!! First Aid Course, determined to fast till 12 pm need extra brain power for this.

It’s full on, I feel fine just don’t like being yelled at.

Will see how it goes, can only do my best.

Well I made it and it was an achievement, at one stage I was crying and telling myself to just get through. It was full on, there were moments that I haven’t felt like this in a long time and it scared me. I was determined though and just pushed through. Luckily I had a partner that could see I was struggling and helped me through this as I lost all confidence.

I’m crying now just writing this as I wake at 430 am with a lovely headache. I get that we need to know everything but for duck sake don’t make us feel like this as it’s not good for anyone and we can only do our best.

I had a young lady with me and she was struggling as well. She was doing her nursing certificate and I hope this didn’t deter her as I can see how it could.

Anyhow I passed theory with one mistake and the answer was written on the board. As I can’t recall anything about this.

I got home and Mark was mad when I told him, he could see that I was emotionally drained and upset. He made me feel relieved that I hadn’t over reacted, I will let work know of the incident.

Words out are better stuck in, feeling lighter.

I ended up dirty fasting yesterday, as I woke with headache previously mentioned so I listen to my body and I just did what I felt it needed.

So Saturday is a new day, fasting again will be good. I definitely feel better for this within my body and I do feel lighter.

Sunday 11 April recap from the week, I like the fasting I feel clearer in my head and I honestly don’t feel like I’m doing anything to deny myself. It makes sense to me and I’m reading up on all the benefits.

So bring on next week as I’m loving this new way of life for me.

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