Has changed my life and I’m in such a good place at this very moment !!!
I’ve just had my 3 month session today and I’m proud to say my brain since having the last session 3 months ago has improved !! To explain this if you need to run something with 5 batteries to get optimum results I only need to use one battery as my brain doesn’t need as many neutrons to run my body efficiently.
So when you have depression or anxiety the brain has to use more batteries to run our bodies thus making us feel fatigued or on the other scale like your running a race.
As many know me I’ve been sharing the realness of this illness and I’m always searching for ways that fit me.
So even though my Husband struggles with me sharing this, I’m beyond caring how this makes me look as if I can help others get unstuck and find what is their fit for them, then so be it.
I want to share what I’ve been doing lately which had also contributed to my optimum brain health.
At Easter I started researching and reading up on IF intermittent fasting, I knew this was something that I could benefit from and I have been experimenting with my routine and lifestyle if this could be beneficial for me.
Well the moment I started there was this calmness as I was someone that grazed all day and after doing more research I believe my brain benefits me from not eating all the time, as when your eating your brain is constantly working so if I don’t eat for like 16 hours I notice the benefits.
The easiest way for me to do this is finish eating by 630 pm or 7 pm so you sleep most of the time.
I personally wasn’t a eater of a morning, yes I love my mocha so having to just sip water (basically anything that isn’t sweet) as the moment something sweet goes in your mouth your brain gets the message okay power up we need insulin to process food.
It’s really a habit we get into, eating and is does take a while to get your fasting muscles, the thing is you are in control and I don’t deprive myself of anything I just delay till when I can have my food.
The more you do this the easier it gets, and I’ve found if I having a fasting day and do my run at night I am loosing weight which for me it’s not about the scales it is how I feel in my clothes and my goal to wear my favourite dress that is quite snug on me.
My goals are realistic.
I don’t do the IF everyday I mix it up, which is something that keeps my metabolism guessing and not getting into habit.
So, I haven’t been stuck for a long time, I’m always searching for what can make my life the best it can.
I want you to know there is hope, that science is amazing !! Experiment with things outside of the square.
I was at a function the other day was complicated how good I look.
It’s about putting in the work and maintaining, there is no excuse.

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