Since Covid

Since Covid

I have really struggled to share my inner thoughts – I’ve kept everything locked inside me as there was so much of the unknown at times it was scary. What everyone was going through you felt like you were in constant protection mode for your family. Like you were in a war against everyone as you didn’t know who had this virus and what the effects could have on each person. You were scared that if you got it you could cause illness to the ones you loved.

It could turn you away or judge others on decisions they were making at times just to go to the supermarket was like a battle to not get close to others, don’t touch too much – just take the first thing. The normality of being nice or saying hello just wasn’t there. We were all just trying to stay healthy and get in get our shit and get out.

Just crazy !!! Until we all eventually got this virus in January this year we felt relief, no more watching the daily no.s as we were lucky we had always had our vaccinations and this helped the level of sickness we each got.

I felt free as I knew we couldn’t get it for a while, and we all stopped watching the cases as it wasn’t helping it just consumed you and we got back into life again.

So it’s the little things that mean so much, that face to face connection that we all didn’t have at times, socializing at first was hard for me just having a conversation you have to remember our brains have never been in this mode before so there was a lot of mind health and shock for our teenagers and children who were used to being able to see friends and then no you can’t you have to stay home you weren’t allowed out to have those outings or if you did it was like you were breaking the law.

Some went into themselves more which was scary to see and we had to take things into our own hands to beat that dark place.

In the end you just had to work out what was the right thing to do at the time, forget the black and white of rules just do what you can to get through.

If mental health was the concern you did the outing to the beach to see the ocean as you have to remember it’s the little things of being controlled that we struggled with.

It’s the things you normally can do that hits hard when you can’t.

So I’m feeling good for doing this, I try and encourage the kids not that they listen to me all the time it’s about the little things, sharing your thoughts, being nice and just caring.

Helping others is such a rewarding experience, start to engage, talk to people, I love just listening to others and there stories – knowledge is power, yet we need to share this as well.

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