Today I ran

For those who are struggling with their mind health this could be depression or anxiety as they pretty much work in with each other.

We need to keep sharing and letting others know they are not alone that it’s something that needs to be talked about that everyone is different that it’s not a quick fix, medication will assist yes but you still have to educate yourself in what is causing the triggers as this will help to prevent the waves of unknown.

Personally I think depression/anxiety isn’t easy to determine what is going on.

I feel that you can’t explain it and that’s what is scary that you don’t really have control of when a wave of am I loosing my mind and how long will this take me.

It’s been so long since I have been in this space you tend to forget what the feeling was like.

I realised today how far I’ve come for me to not remember how it feels to be depressed is really an achievement and having Neurofeedback today and seeing my psychologist confirms that there is hope for others to overcome this illness as science is amazing.

Since my last appointment 3 months ago my brain has remained in the same level from the training I had previously which is exciting as it means my brain is staying on the new pathways that have been created to keep me on track.

That’s how the Neurofeedback works it gets you out of the pathways that cause triggers which then has an effect on your emotions and can send you spiraling

It’s really important for me to share this as I never thought I would feel this good.

The brain is amazing and there is no limit as I’m 47 years old and feel very fortunate to be in this position to have had the Neurofeedback.

We need to keep letting others know that it’s okay to feel this way that your not alone, that we are all different and what works for someone mightn’t work for another.

Find what works for you, try different support specialists.

The more we share what is going on we learn from each other.

Distraction is something that you can use to change your mindset.

Listening to music has always been my go to, have always escaped with this.

Just taking one day at a time, little steps, furries are the best as well, they love you unconditionally.

It isn’t easy getting help, I do know this – acknowledging you aren’t right is the first step and the hardest it’s a huge achievement so be proud.

I don’t write as much as I used to as I’m not needing this – I still love my writing and know this helped me to overcome difficulties a few years back.

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